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10-lbs MSM Powder – Fine Crystals

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10-lbs MSM Powder – Fine Crystals

Item #0320050-MSM
Starting at $145.00/container

Price/ Container
$145.00 (1-2 containers)
$135.00 (3-5 containers)
$125.00 (6-11 containers)
$120.00 (12+ containers)

Pure OptiMSM® Bulk Powder (Fine Crystals). Free shipping.


*Free shipping does not apply

Also available in:

MSM Powder – Fine Crystals

Pure OptiMSM® Powder – Fine Crystals Available in 1lb, 2.2 lb, 10lb, 33lb The fine crystal form of OptiMSM® is often preferred by people that like to dissolve the powder in a juice or in water. Since the crystals are extremely fine, the dissolve quickly. However, to avoid the MSM from clumping and becoming hard upon exposure to moisture, a small amount (0.1%) of silicon dioxide (SiO2) is added as an anti-clumping agent. Silicon dioxide is commonly used in food items and is completely non-toxic.

  • Pure OptiMSM® fine crystals
  • Quick dissolving
  • Easily added to water or juice for consumption


msm crystals

icon-5starreviewOver 750 5-star reviews on Amazon

“Saved me from back surgery. I got my life back.” – Ratmom on Amazon

“I have tried everything possible from PT, supplements, minerals and enzymes to heal a 2 plus y/o knee injury. This helped me substantially. For the first time in over 2 years, I can climb stairs without favoring the “bad leg”. I have much more stamina and endurance with walking and using me knee.” – Sublime

“I’ve had chronic neck pain and headaches since 1999. For the first time I haven’t had the chronic pain anymore. This is a great product for sure!” – Amazon Customer

“The arthritis in my right knee doesn’t exist while taking this form of MSM. I can perform athletically like a teenager.” – Elaine D. Mapp-Graham

“It keeps my asthma symptoms at bay. Works well on my hair, nails and skin as well.” – Elaine D. Mapp-Graham

“Wow, what a dramatic change! I felt immediate relief of joint pain (carpal tunnel, knee and back pain). I use this for pain and inflammation and felt improvement in movement, hair growth/texture, softer skin, wrinkle reduction and clearer skin(after detox phase). – GingerSnaps