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Horses, They’re Just Like Us

If you own and love horses, you understand that although they may look different and speak a slightly different language than us, they are animals and we are animals. We spend a lot of time researching our own health and how to benefit our bodies, and the same should be [...]

Horses, They’re Just Like Us2018-05-20T11:03:15-07:00

So MSM is Sulfur?

Since when was consuming sulfur good for me? This thought definitely runs through people’s minds as they think back on the toxic and potentially harmful sulfur used in chemistry class, or sulfa-based drugs such as antibiotics. Of course antibiotics can be extremely helpful in the right circumstances, but sulfa-based drugs [...]

So MSM is Sulfur?2018-05-20T10:59:02-07:00

Taking MSM While on Prescription Medication:

Although MSM is a natural supplement, you should still take precautions and educate yourself before taking or using any MSM Pure products. If you are considering taking any MSM Pure product you are most likely a health conscious person, naturally concerned with how a new supplement will interact with your [...]

Taking MSM While on Prescription Medication:2015-01-08T19:44:25-08:00

Just Ask Our Customers:

Our testimonials say it all. T. Hendricks from Napa, California wrote, “I placed an order for 1,000 caps of MSM on Sunday, Jan 27th. I was so surprised and pleased to receive it in less than 3 business days!!! It was delivered Wednesday early afternoon by a postal letter carrier [...]

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