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33-lbs MSM for Dogs & Cats

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33-lbs (15 kg) MSM Powder for Dogs & Cats

Item #0340150-MSM
Price starting at $295.00/container

Price/ Container
$295.00 (1-2 containers)
$275.00 (3-5 containers)
$260.00 (6-11 containers)
$250.00 (12+ containers)

33-lbs (15-kg) MSM (PurforMSM®) Powder.


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Also available in:

MSM for Animals

1-lb, 10 lbs and 33 lbs containers of pure MSM Powder.

Why Use MSM for Dogs & Cats? 

1-lb MSM Powder MSM is often recommended by veterinarians for horses, dogs and cats that with joint problems, or to improve their general health. MSM is also widely used by many race horses owners. MSM is recognized by equine veterinarians for its overall health benefits for horses, based on extensive research showing the importance of MSM as a dietary source of sulfur.

Dog and cat owners may also wish to consider our chewable tablets designed with taste appeal for small animals. Arthrix for Dogs and Cats, was especially designed to reduce joint problems in pets.

Click here for more information on Arthrix for Dogs and Cats

msm for cats10-lbs MSM PowderKALA Health offers the purest form of MSM, branded PurforMSM. It is offered in small as well as bulk quantities to consumers. PurforMSM is made with the same technology as OptiMSM which is Bergstrom Nutrition MSM for humans. MSM has a very long shelf life (at least ten years) and will remain flowable rather than become hard as a brick, a common problem with less expensive MSM brands.

PurforMSM is methylsulfonylmethane (Click here to read more about the Quality of MSM). This licensed form of MSM is approved by FDA for animal use. Unlicensed MSM, imported from China or India is currently flooding the market. This MSM will not give the expected health benefits. You should consider the health risk of these low grade MSM substitutes, and look only for patented PurforMSM.

Directions for Use
MSM is a naturally occurring, bioavailable sulfur compound. Sulfur is an indispensable nutrient and should be taken daily for optimal health and nutrition.

For dogs and cats we recommend mixing 500 mg MSM powder per 10 lbs of body weight in your pet’s food daily.

THANK YOU!! Your company is the only one that offers vegetarian OptiMSM capsules at this good of a price without fillers. It makes such a huge difference in my life I don't ever want to go back to not having this product. I haven't seen any side effects with MSM, just benefits, and my mom is now taking it also.

- Richard Bartenbach, Indianapolis, Indiana