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A Rich and Safe Source of Essential Sulfur.

One mineral, massive benefits.

MSM is 34% organic sulfur — a vital compound that is essential to the structure of every living cell — has been researched, validated and proven to improve life in dozens of clinical studies. But while methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) is a molecule that exists organically in nature, there is no way to extract it.

MSM Coarse Flakes Spoon

A Simple Molecule. Reproduced Exactly As It Found In Nature.
A Rich Source of Elemental Sulfur, a Wellness Mineral.


4X Distillation

To produce the quantities needed to enhance people’s lives worldwide, the exact chemical process is replicated, through a clinical reaction of hydrogen peroxide and DMSO. MSMPure® products use only ultra pure MSM — the result of a safe 4x distillation manufacturing process.

Distillation is purity!

Part of nature’s great sulfur cycle

From ocean to atmosphere to rain to roots.

MSM Sulfer cycle

MSM occurs organically in nature’s great sulfur cycle.

Upon which all life depends

Microscopic plankton in the ocean release sulfur compounds, which are quickly converted in gaseous DMS molecules. Reacting in the atmosphere with ozone and ultraviolet sunlight, these molecules create DMSO and DMSO2. The latter is commonly known as MSM.

When MSM falls to the earth in rain droplets, it is collected and concentrated in plants. Even with all this organic abundance, the richest natural sources only provide MSM in levels of several parts per million — amounts that are beyond tiny.

Bringing the wonders of MSM to the world

The breakthroughs of Dr. Herschler and Dr. Jacob.

Over the course of several decades, two distinguished physicians turned their hypotheses about the benefits of MSM into groundbreaking research. Their combined work was the springboard for deeper investigations that led to its widespread availability today.

The first was Dr. Stanley Jacob (shown right), professor of surgery at Oregon Health & Science University, who pioneered the use of DMSO for medical treatment in the early 1960s. His work was augmented in the 1980s by Dr. Robert J. Herschler, a medical doctor who studied the benefits of MSM in more than 15,000 patients in the 1980s.

4X Distillation Process of MSM

Distillation becomes the process of choice.

In order to produce the safest MSM possible.

Replicating the exact process found in nature, MSM is produced by oxidizing DMSO to form DMSO2. While crystallization has been widely used in the past, distillation has proven far superior for MSM extraction and purification. The MSM used in MSMPure® products is 4x distilled to ensure an ultra pure formulation.

Pure MSM: Free of Dangerous Metals

  • Mercury
  • Arsenic
  • Cadmium
  • Lead
MSM life-enhancing benefits

An abundance of life-enhancing benefits.

To align with your personal wellness plan.

Scientific research has shown MSM to be a beneficial supplement providing wellness improvements for people across all levels of the health spectrum. As different as each individual’s physical condition, lifestyle and activity levels, the potential reasons to incorporate MSM in your daily regimen include:

For Joint Support and Wellness

Helping to sooth cartilage and connective tissue

Relief of muscle soreness while promoting healthy joints

Reduction of swelling/stress while improving mobility

Quicker Recoveries from Everyday Stresses

Proven to reduce inflammation by up to 40%

Helps the body to recover more quickly from injuries and rigorous physical activity, including running, hiking, weightlifting and high intensity workouts

A Foundation for Natural Beauty

A nourishing effect on skin that enhances texture, elasticity and youthfulness

Promoting collagen restoration, along with faster growth for hair and nails

Reducing wrinkles by up to 38% in 8 weeks in clinical studies

One of the ‘Golden Tickets’ to Healthy Aging

Restorative effects that helping to slow the aging process

Relieving chronic pain and discomfort naturally for the long term

Effective for alleviating chronic joint, muscle, skin and gastrointestinal conditions

Immune Health

Essential for the creation of glutathione: your body’s #1 antioxidant

Supporting healthy, active lifestyles by replenishing essential natural sulfur


The beauty of fast and complete absorption.

A wellness ally that is well-suited to the body.

The replenishing effects of MSM work best — as with most vitamins, supplements and compounds — when MSM is part of a daily regimen to
optimize your health. The many ways it helps to enhance your body include:

• Working to regulate and mitigate the inflammation cycle
• Helping keratin to replenish skin, hair and nails
• Supporting natural antioxidants as they protect the body from free radicals that damage cells, DNA and collagen


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