If you own and love horses, you understand that although they may look different and speak a slightly different language than us, they are animals and we are animals. We spend a lot of time researching our own health and how to benefit our bodies, and the same should be done for our pets. Our pets will live healthier and longer lives by eating the right foods and staying active.  

MSM is helpful for horses with age related issues, injuries, or simply to improve their overall health. Particularly, if you own a racehorse that leads a very physically demanding lifestyle, taking MSM daily is a must and will only help improve their performance.

The best way for horses to take MSM organic sulfur is to use MSM powder that comes in bulk quantities. The powder form of MSM has a longer shelf life than other MSM products and is a more cost effective and practical way to provide your horse, or horses, with their dose of MSM.

Give your companions the best treatment, and the long and healthy life that they deserve.