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MSM 1000 Capsules

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MSM 1000 Capsules

Item #0810000-MSM
Starting at $90.00/bottle

$90.00 (1 bottle)
$85.50 (2 bottles)
$80 (3-11 bottles)
$65.00 (12+ bottles)

100% Pure MSM (no additives);
1,000-mg/vegetarian capsule


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MSM Capsules

1,000mg MSM Capsules: 100% Pure OptiMSM®

If you are looking for a vegetarian MSM capsule that contains only the purest MSM (100% Pure OptiMSM ) at 1,000-mg per capsule dosage then look no further:

  • The World’s Purest MSM in each capsule
  • Contains 100% Pure Flakes not Crystals
  • Guaranteed Free of Additives
  • Guaranteed Free of Microbials
  • Guaranteed Free of Heavy Metals
  • Vegetarian Capsules containing 1,000-mg MSM/capsule, guaranteed!


We believe that your MSM capsule should contain the highest quality, licensed MSM, and deliver the full 1,000 mg per capsule that is demanded in the market today.When you look around for the MSM content of other MSM products on the market today, you will find quantities ranging from 500 mg to 950 mg. To obtain a vegetarian capsule that guarantees the delivery of a full 1,000 mg of OptiMSM, the premium brand of MSM, consistently, and free of additives requires special methodology and expertise.

By using 100% pure MSM “flakes” instead of crystals, a denser form of MSM is used which achieves the full 1,000 mg MSM per capsule. Also, we use a slightly longer vegetarian capsule (“Capsugel”) which is the only way to ensure a full 1,000-mg MSM content. We combined our natural health knowledge, scientific expertise and world-class manufacturing capabilities into our vegetarian capsule products. These are the purest, most thoroughly tested MSM capsules on the market. They are guaranteed to be free of microbiological and heavy metal contaminants.

Dr. Stanley Jacobs, M.D., medical directory for Bergstrom Nutrition and the world’s leading authority on MSM, has exclusively recommended OptiMSM® in this practice.

THANK YOU!! Your company is the only one that offers vegetarian OptiMSM capsules at this good of a price without fillers. It makes such a huge difference in my life I don't ever want to go back to not having this product. I haven't seen any side effects with MSM, just benefits, and my mom is now taking it also.

- Richard Bartenbach, Indianapolis, Indiana