Do you want the benefits of Pure MSM but worry about how you’re going to fulfill your necessary dose with such a busy schedule? Or do you want to avoid that bitter taste which MSM is all too well known for?  If you are like many consumers with these similar concerns then have no fear, we got you covered!

We sell Pure MSM Capsules that are easy to take, easy to travel with, and easy to store. Our vegetarian capsules contain 1,000 mg per capsule of Pure MSM Flakes (the OptiMSM® brand) that are guaranteed to be free of additives, microbials, and heavy metals.

When it comes to MSM there is simply only one brand to trust and that is OptiMSM®. Most consumers have no idea that OptiMSM® is the only MSM that is made in the USA and meets the strictest guidelines for purity. In addition to that, OptiMSM® has been used in countless clinical studies with proven efficacy.

If you want to obtain the ultimate benefits from MSM then you need find a Pure MSM capsule that actually contains 1,000 mg, just like ours, and be wary of smaller dosages ranging from 500 to 950 mg, particularly those capsules filled with crystals.

We understand the conflicting desire to stay healthy and professionally productive, which is why we highly recommend trying these capsules. Although our Powders and Gels are wonderful and effective, these capsules are a great alternative for our busy customers. If you want to look and feel great we can help you get there. Educate yourself on all the long term and long lasting benefits of MSM.