Although MSM is a natural supplement, you should still take precautions and educate yourself before taking or using any MSM Pure products.

If you are considering taking any MSM Pure product you are most likely a health conscious person, naturally concerned with how a new supplement will interact with your body, as well as with any current medications or supplements you are taking. MSM has not been proven to interfere with any prescription medications, and we strongly advise that MSM only be taken as a supplement, and not as a replacement for medications given to you by your doctor. If you are interested in taking MSM in place of another medication you should speak with your doctor first.

If you are a patient being liver-tested you should stop taking any MSM product a week before testing to ensure that your test is as accurate as possible. Also, people with low platelet counts and those who are taking any blood-thinning medication should ask your doctor before taking MSM, as MSM has been known to have a blood-thinning effect on platelet aggregation.

Our product is the best on the market, but it never hurts to be cautious and informed!