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Strained muscles from training, joint pain, even illness are all frustrating distractions that interrupt active routines.

MSMPure™ can help restore vitality in connective tissue and enhance your recovery, so you can dial up your workouts, and get moving faster.

Energize & maximize your body

Health-conscious competitors and active lifestyle enthusiast look for products that offer
nutritional support to give them their winning edge. MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) empowers active people to continue their regimen by helping them manage the stress put on connective tissue and joints brought on by exercise.

Immune defense

Poor diet, steroids, age, and chronic stress can negatively affect the immune system. MSM helps shield, protect and maintain healthy immune activity, even after physical stress.

Inflammation relief

MSM provides relief from pain and inflammation following exercise(*)


MSM allows active individuals to return to training quicker because of its regenerative
properties that help heal damaged connective tissue.

Re-energize in a flash

Science has shown, that the foundation of MSMPure™ products fifteen minutes after a workout reduces muscle/joint pain by 45%!

Fast recovery

Train hard and protect your muscles with MSM. It’s a natural compound that helps damaged muscles and joints rebound from exercise-induced exertion, faster

Reduce inflammation

MSM reduces pro-inflammatory markers while increasing anti-inflammatory markers to suppress inflammation caused by strenuous physical activity.


MSM regulates mechanisms involved with healthy joints, muscle, and cartilage to help improve exercise performance to maintain an active lifestyle.

MSM Made in the USA


Science-backed ingredients in every product

MSM Made in the USA


for Sports Recovery

MSM Advanced Joint Support

Advanced Joint Support
with Glucosamine & Chondroitin
Starting @ $22.95

MSM Muscle & Joint Cream relieves soreness

MSM Muscle & Joint Cream
Relieve Joint and Muscle Soreness
Starting at $12.49


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FREE MSM Cream 2oz with purchase*
$19.95 Value!

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