A lot of pet owners are aware that MSM is a healthy product but they aren’t exactly sure how their pet would benefit from taking it. So let’s break it down.

MSM is recommended by veterinarians for dogs and cats with joint problems as well as for healthy dogs and cats whose owners are interested in maintaining or improving their overall health and well-being. MSM is a natural form of bioavailable sulfur stored in almost every cell in the body, particularly in joints, hair, skin, and nails.

What MSM actually does is work as an antioxidant, cell rejuvenator, and joint healer. MSM can help prevent autoimmune diseases and joint disorders, and works as a natural anti-inflammatory.

Although we sell various forms of MSM for humans, when it comes to dogs and cats we stick to the powder form. We sell MSM Powder for dogs and cats in two different sizes – 1-lb and 10 lbs.

Your pets are always there for you, so be kind to your dog or cat and give them the healthy life they deserve. Trust us, with a little MSM they’ll feel better in no time!