MSM Fine Powder Crystals, 99.99% fast-dissolving pure organic sulfur crystals supplement


  • The world’s purest, safest and most consistent quality MSM
  • Fast-dissolving fine MSM crystals with anti-clumping agent for extended shelf life
  • Formulated using the patented OptiMSM® multi-stage distillation process
  • Natural remedy for injuries and ailments
  • Replenishes essential natural sulfur for healthy, active lifestyles
  • Supports restorative balance for the immune system
  • Made in the USA with no additives, unlike inferior offshore brands
  • Third-party tested to ensure purity and quality

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A pure GRAS-designated supplement, MSMPure Fine Powder Crystals benefit people on all levels of the health spectrum. As a result, active adults look to this purest form of MSM to enhance overall wellness in a variety of ways:

Relief of chronic pain

Natural long-term relief of pain and discomfort caused by chronic joint, muscle, skin and gastrointestinal conditions.

Improved mobility

Relieving muscle soreness and promoting healthy joints through the soothing effects of MSM on cartilage and connective tissue. The quick absorption of MSM promotes overall joint function and range of motion, reduces swelling and stress, and helps to slow the aging process.

Faster bodily recovery

By reducing inflammation by up to 40%, MSM helps to speed recovery from injuries and rigorous physical activity. Including sports-related activities ranging from running, hiking, cycling and swimming to weightlifting and high-intensity workouts.

Enhancing skin texture and elasticity

Nourishes the skin, leaving it silky smooth and youthful looking while promoting faster hair/nail growth and collagen restoration. In clinical studies, within 8 weeks, this purest form of MSM showed a 38% reduction in wrinkles along with improvements in skin elasticity.

Immune Support

Sulfur, an active component of MSMPure, supports restorative balance for the immune system. It may help improve resistance to viruses and toxic substances, resulting in a stronger immune response.

Suggested Uses & Preparation*:

Mix in 4 grams of powder for every 8 ounces of water.

Suggested Use Serving Size
Skin, hair and nails maintenance, joint support or exercise recovery 1 to 4 grams daily
Therapeutic pain relief 4 to 8 grams daily

How much you’ll need if taking 8 grams daily:

Container Size Supply
8.8 oz size 30-day supply
1 lb size 60-day supply
2.2 lbs 120-day supply
10 lbs 1.5-year supply

MSMPure Fruit Punch flavor Coarse MSM Flakes
MSMPure Lemon-Lime flavor Coarse MSM Flakes
MSMPure Vanilla flavor Coarse MSM Flakes
MSMPure Chocolate flavor Coarse MSM Flakes

Allergy Free

Gluten Free


USA Made



Halal Certified

Halal Certified



3rd Party Tested

Made in the USA using the patented OptiMSM® multi-stage distillation process to ensure purity, consistency and quality.

The features of MSMPure Fine Powder Crystals include:

  • 99.99% pure organic fast-dissolving crystals
  • Easy to dissolve in water, orange juice, smoothies or shakes
  • Fine crystals with anti-clumping agent for extended shelf life
  • Non-GMO formulation is vegetarian/vegan friendly, non-allergenic and gluten-free
  • Kosher & Halal certified
  • Every batch tested by independent labs to guarantee the absence of harmful contaminants
MSM Made in the USA
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Getting started with MSM

MSM is not intended as a fast-acting patch, but should be considered a long-term therapy aimed at addressing the root cause of discomfort. Some people begin to notice improvements almost immediately — most will notice initial improvements within about two weeks. For others, it may take weeks or sometimes months.

As with most dietary supplements, it’s important to begin slowly with an MSM regimen, working your way up over a two or three week period to reach the targeted dose. Another general rule is to take just enough to see positive benefit. People with more severe chronic conditions, such as arthritis or back pain, will often need higher doses. However, too-high dosages can cause minor gastric discomfort and intestinal issues. Make sure to consult with a medical professional first if you’re considering a higher-dose regimen.

Does Not Contain:

  • Wheat
  • Corn
  • Gluten
  • Sugar
  • Salt
  • Soy
  • Starch
  • Dairy
  • Fish
  • Preservatives
  • Artificial Colors or Flavors

Supplement Facts

Each container comes with a dual tsp (4g) and tbsp (12g) measuring scoop.

Serving Size:
1 Level Tsp. (4 grams)
Servings Per Container (8.8 oz):
62 servings
Servings Per Container (1 lb):
114 servings
Servings Per Container (2.2 lbs):
250 servings
Servings Per Container (10 lbs):
1,140 servings
Servings Per Container (33 lbs):
3,750 servings
>99.9% pure OptiMSM®
% Daily Value: not established
Other ingredients: Silicon Dioxide

The statements herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.


  • If you are pregnant or lactating, consult your physician before using any health supplements.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Store in a cool dry place.
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100% satisfaction guaranteed

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